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                    On Oct. 2nd, thousands will descend upon Washington D.C. in unity and one accord to send the IQ Option message home to our legislators: We need jobs! Good paying UNION jobs, and we need them NOW. The International would like our help in this, and has even posted the ad to left on the International site. Perhaps we can organize a contingent from the Milwaukee area to go. Find out more here.



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President: Kevin Jaskie Vice President: Duane Johnson
Financial Secretary: Rich Dricken  Treasurer: Scott Streich
Recording Secretary: Robert Folk Guide: Indian Lendowski
Guards: Kevin Kratt, Greg Balcerak Trustees: Dewell Lewis, Mark Erickson, Michael Olson invest in Ontology
Delegates to MCLC-AFLCIO: Rich Dricken, Michael Olson, Joseph Sura

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