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Tuesday, April 11th, 2016

12:30pm & 4:00pm 

(Caterpillar Unit Meeting after 12:30pm meeting and 3:30pm)

At the Union Hall, 712 Milwaukee Ave, South Milwaukee


Grievers: (Cat Unit)

Zone 1 - Weld   -Michael Olson

Stewards: 1st Shift- Randy Ritt, Justin Dosemagen

2nd shift- Brent Frahman, Robert Feldbauer

Zone 2 - Maint & Yards   -John Dwyer 

Maintenance 1st Shift Steward   Jeff Neibrand

Zone 3 - Assembly   -Kelly Shaw

Warehouse Stewards: Michael Dobrzynski, Barry Lewis 

Zone 4 - Machine Shop   -Wynn Sandahl

1st Shift Steward  Dennis Kubricky



President:Brad Dorff

Vice President: Kevin O'Hearn

Financial Secretary:        Dennis Kubricky

Treasurer: Scott Streich

Recording Secretary:       Michael Olson

Guide: Roy Pesicek

Guards: Kevin Kratt, Steadman Peterson Trustees: Indian Lendowski, Mark Erickson, Paul Sites
Delegates to MALC-AFLCIO: Gerald Miller, Indian Lendowski

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